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I’ll never forget that one morning in Aspen, my first morning ever in Colorado, getting up and walking from the lodge to the ski lift. I never knew what negative temperatures felt like until then. There was no wind. The air was dry but it was about -10 degrees. That was cold. That is the temperature of the mountains of the western states. You can better believe I was glad that the HVAC tech who had gone to one of the hvac schools in Colorado and learned how to install the heater at the lodge knew what he was doing. Otherwise, when I walked back inside, I might be dead.

Being an HVAC tech in Colorado is no laughing matter, and getting a good education is literally the difference between some people living and dying. You may find that funny or hard to believe because of how reliable the heating and air conditioning systems are these days, but the truth is, unless you know what you’re doing, you can put a system in wrong and kill everybody in the building with carbon monoxide, or probably just as bad, have the heater not work on a cold Colorado night when the family is snowed in and they have no way of surviving through the night because they don’t have a working heater.

This is especially true in the old historic buildings in Colorado that just don’t have the insulation of the modern ones. There are many HVAC schools to choose from in Colorado, and all of them will do a decent job. Your choice on which HVAC school to go to is probably going to be determined more by where you live than just about anything else.

If you do go to an HVAC school, there’s always going to be plenty of work for people to do in Colorado keeping people warm in the winter for a matter of survival, and keeping them cool in the summer, usually for comfort, but also in that case too sometimes as a matter of survival too.

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Most outsiders think of Colorado as the cold mountains, but those of us who know the state well know that there are also plenty of scorching hot deserts with temperatures in the summertime that could kill someone. If you can imagine the old prospectors of the 1800s coming across the hot desert, what it would have been like if they could have just gone into a small room somewhere with a nice cool HVAC system, it would have made all the difference between their lives being a suffering hell and a truly enjoyable, wonderful experience. Colorado has so much to offer between the rivers and the streams and the beautiful mountains, with the wildlife, with the deserts, and with the temperatures flying between extremes.

You can bet that every system you install will touch the life of dozens of people a year, sometimes even hundreds of thousands, and can even make a difference between whether they live or they die. The modern age HVAC systems are so technologically complex and generally run by complex computers that it takes significant amount of schooling to truly understand them and to operate them properly. There’s all kinds of cool high-tech gadgets and devices waiting for you in HVAC school, and even iPhone apps you can use to run your business.
There’s no shortage of money to be made either because as you go through HVAC school, you’ll have the opportunity to be a technician working for someone else with a 9-to-5 job, or to move on and become your own boss, run your own business and even become a contractor. Whatever direction you decide on, I wish you good luck in your HVAC adventure at Altitude.